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Mountain View Restaurant Guide

Residing next to fellow Bay Area cities Palo Alto, Sunnyvale, and Los Altos, Mountain View is a small city brimming with unmatched power in the heart of California's Silicon Valley. Out of all the cities that lay a claim to be the quintessential heart of Silicon Valley, Mountain View may just have the most valid argument; Mountain View is home to dozens of notorious high-tech companies including Google, Intuit, LinkedIn, Symantec, and Actel. Beyond these behemoths of technology that call Mountain View their home, many other high-tech companies maintain a significant presence in the city, including Microsoft, Nokia, and AOL. Not to be outdone by human achievement, Mother Nature provides a marvelous backdrop for the city, as the Santa Cruz Mountains provide the inspiration for the name “Mountain View.” From leading edge technology to the pristine beauty of nature, Mountain View is a city that features the best of both worlds.

Mountain View Restaurants
Like many California restaurants, Mountain View restaurants offer an expansive selection of worldly cuisines. For prices that range from reasonable to ridiculously cheap, Mountain View restaurants transport you from the safe confines of the Bay Area to exotic locales all across the globe, all with the power of food. Mountain View restaurants are respected and revered for their overall taste, service, and atmosphere. With other marvelous restaurants inhabiting the surrounding cities, one may think that Mountain View restaurants fall by the wayside; however, Mountain View restaurants have established themselves as fantastic restaurants wholly worthy and capable of earning your dollar by putting out delicious food and complementing their cuisine with extraordinary service.

American Restaurants in Mountain View
Michael's Cafe – Michael's runs by the philosophy of quality over quantity, embedding Michael's as one of the highest quality Mountain View restaurants. Michael's small menu makes up for its shortcomings in choice by providing its guests the absolute best of their kind in the dishes they do provide. Michael's has delicious options in salads, sandwiches, pastas, and serve a mean clam chowder.
Bajis' Down the Street Cafe – Baji's was created to be your home away from home, the place you go to have some good eats and drink with your family and friends. Baji's has received recognition for its great food from the likes of the Times Tribune, Palo Alto Weekly, and the Palo Altan. Bajis' features a cozy indoor dining area as well as an outdoor patio to enjoy the frequently beautiful Mountain View weather.
Country Gourmet – A restaurant brimming with options, Country Gourmet is a family-owned restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner and also provides top-of-the-line catering services. Country Gourmet is dedicated to providing every single customer with only the finest of ingredients, used to perfection in a variety of innovative dishes. Over 6,000 loyal customers (as evidenced by their repeat rewards program) cannot be wrong.

Mexican Restaurants in Mountain View
Taqueria La Bamba – Taqueria La Bamba is the local hotspot for quick and delicious tacos and burritos, earning its reputations as one of the best Mountain View restaurants. La Bamba is known especially for their Super Burritos which are just like how they are described in every way – they're super big and super tasty. One of the best taquerias in a town full of great taquerias.
El Calderon Restaurant – One of the only authentic Salvadorian restaurants in the Bay Area, El Calderon serves traditional Central American delicacies to perfection. With Salvadorian dishes such as pollo encebollado, platanos, and lengua en salsa y crema and traditional Mexican fare such as tamales and fajitas, there may be too much to choose from at El Calderon. Stop by tonight to try one of their amazing dishes and experience first-class Central American service.
Rincon Sabroso – What started as a family-owned taco truck has evolved into a full-fledged Mexican restaurant of the highest quality. Rincon Sabroso opened in 2004 and has been serving some of the Bay Area's most delicious Mexican food ever since. Rincon Sabroso now caters, so you can bring the joy of authentic Mexican cuisine to dozens of your closest friends or business associates.

Italian Restaurants in Mountain View
Vaso Azzurro Ristorante – Having been reviewed very favorably by the Mountain View Voice, San Francisco Chronicle, San Jose Mercury News, The Metro, and the Palo Alto Weekly, Vaso Azzurro has established itself as one of the top Mountain View restaurants in its many years of business. Vaso Azzurro has reasonably priced high-class Italian fare that has tickled the tastebuds of customers for over a decade.
Mario's Pizza & Italian Restaurant – Mario's is a fine crafter of authentic pizzas and Italian cuisine, serving both lunch and dinner to the hungry people of Mountain View. Mario's is renowned throughout the valley as one of the finest purveyors of fine Italian dining around. For the health-conscious, Mario's offers a plethora of great vegetarian options that bring their own delicious flavors to the table.
Frankie, Johnnie & Luigi Too! – Self-described as having a “funky Italian” vibe, Frankie, Johnnie & Luigi Too brings a unique style to the traditional Italian restaurant. Come in and you'll notice the hint of garlic in the air, the open kitchen where pizza doughs are being tossed feet into the air, and the distinctly Italian checkered tablecloths. From romantic dates to family trips, this Italian restaurant is great for all occasions.

Chinese Restaurants in Mountain View
Garden Fresh Chinese Vegan Cuisine – Garden Fresh offers customers delicious, healthy, plant-based Chinese cuisine. Using only the freshest ingredients and no MSG, trans fats, or high-fructose corn syrup, Garden Fresh has created one of the most organic and sustainable Mountain View restaurants. You cannot miss out on Garden Fresh if you are a lover of delicious, healthy food.
Cafe Yulong – If you're looking for a quick, enormous, and delicious Chinese lunch, Cafe Yulong is the perfect restaurant for you. Start off with a selection of meats, or make yours vegetarian, add noodles and your favorite spices and you have a delicious and quick Chinese meal made to order and quickly delivered to your table. Renowned for their top-quality service, which is always friendly and helpful.
Hunan Chili Restaurant – Hunan Chili Restaurant, while implicating a restaurant full of simple hot and spicy foods, is a diverse Chinese restaurant that has created elegant entrees that appeal to all diners. Everything from the traditional General Chicken to Chef Xiang Wang's Hunan Style Smoked Beef comes with a wide range of add-ins, flavors, and degrees of spiciness. Hunan Chili is famous for its Sechuan Hunan cuisine and still manages to cook up some delicious dishes from other parts of China as well.

Japanese Restaurants in Mountain View
Sushi Tomi Japanese Cuisine – Locals rave about the deliciously fresh offerings served up every day at Sushi Tomi, one of the premier Mountain View restaurants. The sashimi here melts in your mouth like butter on a warm skillet, a grilled cheese in a roasty toaster oven, like. . .well you get the picture. For fresh sashimi, Omakase, and Osusume, you'd be hard pressed to find a better option than Sushi Tomi.
Maru Ichi – Maru Ichi is one of the Bay Area's elite Ramen Houses. They serve a variety of wonderfully palatable soup bases bursting with add-ins such as fresh noodles, bean sprouts, meat, green onions, seaweed, and a hard boiled egg. With their spacious dining room, you can be assured that even with this restaurant's immense popularity, you will be seated and enjoying your meal soon within walking through the door.
Ramen House Ryowa – Like Maru Ichi, Ryowa is a top-of-the-lien Ramen House in Mountain View. Ryowa's broths are as flavorful as humanly possible and have been praised for their authentically Japanese taste. While you wait for your meal, flip through one of the dozens of Japanese Manga comics lined along the wall.

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