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  • Napkins Bar & Grill

    Bar & Grill / American Restaurant

    1001 Second Street, Suite 112
    Napa, CA 94559

    Work (707) 927-5333 - View Map

  • Tarla Mediterranean Grill

    Mediterranean Restaurant

    1480 1st Street
    Napa, CA 94558

    Work (707) 255-5599 - View Map

  • Fume Bistro

    American / French Restaurant

    4050 Byway East
    Napa, CA 94558

    Work (707) 257-1999 - View Map

  • 25 Degrees Brix Restaurant

    American Restaurant

    7377 Saint Helena Hwy Napa, CA 94558 Work(707) 944-2749
  • Alfredo's Playita

    Mexican Restaurant

    3069 Jefferson St Napa, CA 94558 Work(707) 258-8443
  • Allegria

    Italian Restaurant

    1026 1st Ave Napa, CA 94558 Work(707) 254-9917
  • Andie's Cafe

    Cafe Restaurant

    1042 Freeway Dr Napa, CA 94558 Work(707) 259-1107
  • Asia Cafe

    Asian Restaurant

    825 Main St Napa, CA 94559 Work(707) 224-0840
  • Azzurro Pizzeria e Enoteca

    Pizza Restaurant

    1260 Main St. Napa, CA 94559 Work(707) 255-5552
  • Bayleaf Restaurant

    Californian Restaurant

    2025 Monticello Rd Napa, CA 94558 Work(707) 257-9720
  • Bistro Don Giovanni - Napa

    Italian Restaurant

    4110 Saint Helena Hwy Napa, CA 94558 Work(707) 224-3300
  • Bistro Sabor

    Mexican Restaurant

    1126 First St Napa, CA 94559 Work(707) 252-0555
  • Boon Fly Cafe

    Cafe Restaurant

    4048 Sonoma Hwy Napa, CA 94559 Work(707) 299-4870
  • Buckhorn Grill - Napa

    American Restaurant

    1201 Napa Town Ctr Napa, CA 94559 Work(707) 265-9508
  • Butter Cream Bakery & Diner

    Bakery / American Restaurant

    2297 Jefferson St Napa, CA 94559 Work(707) 255-6700
  • Celadon - Napa

    Asian Restaurant

    500 Main St Napa, CA 94559 Work(707) 254-9690
  • China House - Napa

    Chinese Restaurant

    2940 Jefferson St Napa, CA 94558 Work(707) 226-8881
  • China Light Restaurant - Napa

    Chinese Restaurant

    1012 1st Ave Napa, CA 94558 Work(707) 226-2809
  • Cole's Chop House

    Barbecue Restaurant

    1122 Main St Napa, CA 94559 Work(707) 224-6328
  • Cucina Italiana - Napa

    Italian Restaurant

    4310 Knoxville Rd Napa, CA 94558 Work(707) 966-2433

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Napa Restaurant Guide

North of the Bay Area lies the city of Napa, one of the world's premier wine growing regions. Napa's spectacular wine region brings in millions of wine connoisseurs from around California and the world looking to tour and buy wines from some of Napa's over 300 wineries. While Napa is famous for its wine growing, the city of Napa itself has its own charms and reasons for visiting. Featuring wine bars from numerous local vineyards, the city of Napa is a great place for the wine lover to stay while touring the region's wineries. A fairly affluent city, Napa has developed into a city not just of wine and vineyards but one with its own economy and support system. With great restaurants paired with the world's best wine, Napa is a food and wine lover's dream.

Napa Restaurants
Napa restaurants combine distinct and flavorful dishes, exquisite wines grown in the region, and the beauty of Napa Valley all rolled into one magnificent experience. Napa restaurants specialize in combining great foods with wines that accentuate and compliment the meal at hand. Dining out in Napa can be very romantic for those couples looking to get away from the stresses of everyday life. Let the experts at Napa's finest restaurants take care of all your food and beverage desires as you melt away in the charming and beautiful ambiance of Napa Valley.

American Restaurants in Napa
Fumé Bistro & Bar – A seasonally inspired bistro, Fumé is a top-notch American restaurant in Napa. With wines from not only Napa but France, Italy, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, and Argentina as well, Fumé is able to pair all of their dishes with perfectly complimentary wines. For the wine and food connoisseur, there may be no better selection in all of Napa restaurants.
Brix – An entirely new wine country dining experience, Brix focuses on farm-to-table dining to create one of the most unique and beautiful American restaurants in Napa. With more than two acres of gardens and orchards providing the freshest ingredients possible, the dishes at Brix burst with flavor. Pair these fresh, healthy dishes with your favorite wine and you can see why Brix has quickly become a celebrated member of Napa restaurants in its short two years of existence.
Harvest Cafe – With two menus to select from – Harvest Cafe's modern American cuisine and the neighboring BBQ restaurant – Harvest Cafe gives you a great selection for your night out in Napa. Featuring fresh baked bread, savory beef, and rich duck dishes, Harvest Cafe will wow you with their attention to detail and tasty dishes. For a broad selection and some of the best American food in Napa, head over to the Harvest Cafe.

Mexican Restaurants in Napa
Tacos La Playita – One of the best Mexican restaurants in Napa is Tacos La Playita, an authentic hole in the wall place ripe with full bodied flavor and a traditional Mexican spice. Their tacos are filled to the brim with meats and flavored with the perfectly spicy hot sauce. For some of the best authentic Mexican food in any of the fine Napa restaurants, give Tacos La Playita a try.
Rancho Grande 3 – With excellent food, an attentive staff, and a cozy dining space, Rancho Grande 3 has become one of the best Napa restaurants. Great, authentic Mexican dishes, margaritas that will have you asking for 2nds and 3rds and the comfort of knowing that your wildest Mexican food creations can be made with precision by Rancho Grande's magnificent chefs, have made this place a local favorite. For some of the best Mexican food in Napa, head on over to Rancho Grande 3.
Villa Corona – An authentic and lively atmosphere with salsa music constantly streaming from the speakers is what you'll find at one of the best places to dine out in Napa, Villa Corona. And since a festive atmosphere and good service doesn't make a restaurant, Villa Corona has top of the line Mexican food to satisfy your taste buds and make them dance along with the music. One of the best Mexican restaurants in Napa.

Italian Restaurants in Napa
Bistro Don Giovanni – A warm and inviting experience and fresh traditional Italian dishes are what await you at Bistro Don Giovanni, one of the finest Italian restaurants in Napa. Dishes are made with regionally sourced ingredients of the highest quality and combined with one of hundreds of local and Italian wines. Come to Bistro Don Giovanni to experience the best of Italian dining in all of the Napa restaurants.
Villa Romano – Delivering the charm of Italy to your table is Villa Romano, one of the best Italian restaurants in Napa. Start your meal off with some freshly baked garlic bread hot out of the oven and sip at some of the area's best wines as you delve into one of Villa Romano's succulent main courses. Villa Romano is a great choice for those dining out in Napa restaurants.
Ristorante Allegria – With a Zagat Rating “Excellent”, this truly is one of the gems of dining in Napa. An Italian restaurant that is inspired by California cuisine, Ristorante Allegria makes some of Napa's most unique and flavorful dishes. One of the best Italian restaurants in Napa and the Bay Area.

Asian Restaurants in Napa
Asia Cafe – If you're looking for a delicious Chinese restaurant in Napa with affordable prices, look no further than Asia Cafe. Serving some of China's best culinary creations for super low prices is what they are all about. If you're eating out in one of the Napa restaurants, you must check Asia Cafe out.
Celadon – With an unbelievable fusion of Mediterranean, Asian, and American cooking, Celadon is a hard restaurant to put a label on so we decided to put them here. Celdaon is one the best Asian fusion restaurants in Napa, creating dishes that are seasonally influenced and bursting with flavor. Come sit down in Celadon's lovely dining room or beautiful courtyard and you will see why Celadon has become one of the premier restaurants in Napa.
The Joy Luck House – Dedicated to giving you the most memorable dining experience possible, The Joy Luck House has become one of the premier Chinese restaurants in Napa. By using only the most carefully picked fresh ingredients and then cooking them in a health-conscious way gives The Joy Luck House an advantage. For a healthier and fresher experience of Chinese food in Napa, give The Joy Luck House a try.

Pizza Restaurants in Napa
Azzurro Pizzeria e Enoteca – Simplicity and freshness – two of the most important aspects you'll find in the food at Azzurro Pizzeria. With delicious options ranging from pizzas to pasta to handfuls of baked dough with salad on top called Manciatas, Azzurro Pizzeria uses only the best ingredients and the utmost care whilst preparing your meal. Come to Azzurro Pizzeria and you'll experience one of the best pizza places of all Napa restaurants.
Filippi's Pizza Grotto – With over 50 years of experience to perfect their craft, Filippi's Pizza Grotto has long been one of the best pizza restaurants in Napa. Serving only the freshest and finest Italian ingredients to prepare their wonderful pizza pies is what Filippi's is known for. Stop by today to see why Filippi's is one of Napa's best pizza places.
New York Pizza Kitchen – Reasonably priced and oozing with flavor, New York Pizza Kitchen lives up to New York's storied pizza history by providing one of the best pizza restaurants in Napa. With low prices and great food including pastas and of course pizza, NYPK brings out the best of New York-style pizza. If you're looking for a good pizza for a low price, look no further than New York Pizza Kitchen, one of the best pizza restaurants in Napa.

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