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Reseda Restaurant Guide

Reseda dining offers cultural cuisine served to and by a large community of Latino and Mexican residents. The settings in Reseda restaurants vary from casual to classy.

No matter which Mexican or Latino restaurant in Reseda you choose to enjoy, you are guaranteed a genuine and authentic "taste of culture".

If you are not in the mood for Mexican foods, there are also several Reseda restaurants that serve pizzas and simple pasta dishes and Chinese take out fare. There are also some exotic ethnic restaurants in Reseda that serve Thai, Indian, Korean foods. The restaurants in Reseda serve relatively simple and affordable fare, as it mainly serves the blue collar, working class population in the area.

Locating Reseda Restaurants

The restaurants in Reseda are located along its main commercial areas of Reseda Boulevard and Sherman Way, especially along its intersection. The shops and restaurants in Reseda are mainly Mexican and Latino restaurants serving its Latino community.

Activities to Enjoy while Dining in Reseda

It is anticipated that the renovated Reseda Theater will steadily attract funky thrift stores as well as small cafes and sit-down restaurants in Reseda Boulevard, in addition to the already established antique shops. The goal is to have increasing pedestrian-oriented thoroughfare so that shops and restaurants in Reseda will flourish.

After dining in Reseda, there are also two nightclubs along Reseda Boulevard to visit. If you are not in the mood for visiting nightclubs after dining in Reseda, there are also a lot of bars and pubs along Reseda Boulevard and Sherman Way to choose from.

There are also several parks to visit for picnic style Reseda dining. There is a large duck pond that lies inside Reseda Park at the corner of Reseda Boulevard and Victory Boulevard.

If Reseda dining has worked up an appetite for shopping, the area along Reseda Boulevard and Sherman Way is known for their antique shops.? Reseda has a Mediterranean type of climate with mild weather and is also blessed with sunshine all year round. In fact, Reseda receives only about 7 inches of rain per year, compared to the national average of about 35 inches of rain per year.

About Reseda

Reseda is a district in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles County, California, with a population of about 72,000. Reseda is one of the first suburbs in the San Fernando Valley when the area was developed after World War II. By 1950, the Valley's population peaked at 400,000.

During the 1980's, Reseda's demographics changed as a result of Latino immigrants moving to suburbs and the white population decreased due to aging and a lower birth rate. As a result, the neighborhood changed from a middle-class neighborhood back to its working-class roots.

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