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Benefits of MenuClub Membership

When your restaurant becomes a MenuClub Member:

  • You get priority listing in all local restaurant searches.
  • Your listing gets a picture thumbnail and a full description.
  • Your restaurant menu is posted online and will be updated at no charge.
  • You will regularly receive valuable feedback from your customers through
  • You have access to tools to sell your restaurant gift certificate online.
  • You can easily post your specials of the day, and offer deals online.

MenuClub Membership Fee

In order to become a MenuClub Member, you just need to either:

  • Just pay $49 per year by filling out the membership application on the left.
  • Or order at least 1,000 PocketMenus per year ($199 including design, printing and shipping). Place your first PocketMenu order here.

What is a PocketMenu?

Created first by MenuClub, Inc., PocketMenu is the most powerful customer retention tool available to restaurant operators today. It is a pocket-sized folded brochure that combines your business card, pictures of your restaurant, your entire menu, and a detailed map of your location all into a professional piece that can easily be carried around by your customers.The secret is its size. Since all of your restaurant's vital information as well as your entire menu is included in this pocket-sized piece, your customers are 9 times more likely to pick up and hold on to your PocketMenus® than any other printed piece - even your business card! That's why utilizing PocketMenus will increase your repeat business by at least 20%. Click here to read a few of our customers testimonials.

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