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San Mateo Restaurant Guide

Located less than 20 miles south of downtown San Francisco is the city of San Mateo. Once just a suburb of San Francisco, San Mateo has slowly grown into a city of its own merit. Located just across the San Francisco Peninsula is the famous Half Moon Bay. Known for its sandy beaches and waves, Half Moon Bay, and Mavericks in particular, draws in some of the best surfers from around the world to ride the monster waves created by unusual rock formations under the water. The city of San Mateo itself, like most of the San Francisco Bay Area, is a prosperous city due to the abundance of high end jobs in San Francisco to the north and Silicon Valley to the south. San Mateo is an advanced city right smack in the middle of the Bay Area.

San Mateo Restaurants
Like many cities in California, San Mateo restaurants offer wide selection of distinct and flavorful dining options. San Mateo restaurants hold their own among the great dining choices that California has to offer. Whether you're looking for a French and Japanese hybrid, your classic Californian Mexican restaurant, or an elegant tea room, you will love what San Mateo restaurants have to offer. Even with the thousands of great restaurants located just north in San Francisco, the dining options in San Mateo are as diverse and appetizing as those of its northernly neighbor.

American Restaurants in San Mateo
Astaria Restaurant & Bar – Located in the heart of downtown San Mateo, Astaria gives its customers an uptown look and feel to compliment its wonderfully tasty American food. Astaria uses only the freshest local seasonal ingredients to create     their scrumptious variety of American-style starters, American meats, and pizzas. Astaria is a unique American dining experience in San Mateo that should not be passed up.
231 Ellsworth – 231 Ellsworth is an award-winning, Michelin Guide recommended restaurant serving fantastic American cuisine in San Mateo. Choose from a 3, 4, or 5 course meal complete and finish it off with one of 231 Ellsworth's 800 Californian and French wines. One of the best San Mateo restaurants for any special occasion.
Central Park Bistro – Offering a sophisticated dining experience in a warm, friendly environment, Central Park Bistro shines among San Mateo restaurants. The restaurant models all of its exquisite food offerings around fresh seasonal American food and compliments them with an award-winning wine selection. Another gem in San Mateo for those looking for a special night out.

Italian Restaurants in San Mateo
B Street & Vine – B Street & Vine is a wine cafe serving some of the best Italian-style small dishes available in San Mateo. This restaurant has an awesome wine selection, a half-off wine happy hour, patio dining, and live music Wednesday through Saturday nights. A truly can't miss Italian restaurant for those who love food, wine, and music in their San Mateo restaurants.
Ristorante Capellini – Ristorante Capellini is your perfect destination for a romantic dinner or special party accompanied by great Italian cuisine in San Mateo. All of the pastas at Capellini's are homemade and their pizzas and meats are to die for. One of the very best Italian restaurants that San Mateo has to offer.
La Lanterna Ristorante – La Lanterna Ristorante is one of San Mateo's premier Italian restaurants with an exquisite selection of fine Italian cuisine and world class wines. Serving lunch, dinner, dessert, and a wine selection to rival any fine restaurant, La Lanterna serves all your Italian dining desires. The perfect restaurant for a romantic date in San Mateo.

Vietnamese Restaurants in San Mateo
Saigon City – Saigon City is a little taste of Vietnam right smack in the middle of San Mateo. This restaurant serves mouth watering Vietnamese cuisine, from pork, chicken, and beef banh minh to big bowls of pho to shrimp imperial rolls. For a delicious, light on your wallet Vietnamese dining experience in San Mateo, make sure to give Saigon City a shot.
Pho Miss Saigon – Serving up some of the very best Pho in San Mateo, Pho Miss Saigon uses their exceptional gift for crafting this Vietnamese noodle soup to put together an exceptional Vietnamese restaurant. But Pho Miss Saigon doesn't just serve pho: no, it serves all your favorite Vietnamese dishes from steaks to fresh spring rolls. When looking for a quality Vietnamese entry into the list of San Mateo restaurants, look no further than Pho Miss Saigon.
Cherimoya Vietnamese Cafe – Delivering customers great Vietnamese food in a casual atmosphere, Cherimoya is a unique and pleasing Vietnamese restaurant in San Mateo. For rock bottom prices, you can enjoy one of their famous Bahn Mi sandwiches or an order of garlic noodles. For a fast yet still delicious Vietnamese food experience in San Mateo, head over to Cherimoya today.

Mexican Restaurants in San Mateo
Charlie's Taqueria – Charlie's Taqueria serves some of the best value out of any of the great San Mateo restaurants. Charlie's has top quality meats that are cooked and sauteed to perfection and served in any of your favorite Mexican dishes. With delicious authentic Mexican food, a fully stocked salsa bar, and low prices, Charlie's is one of San Mateo's top Mexican restaurants.
Los Primos Taqueria – Los Primos is your perfect destination for Mexican food in San Mateo any time of day. Los Primos serves huge, heaping portions of authentic Mexican food to 11 pm every night of the week. Great food, friendly service, and low prices are what you'll find waiting for you at this quality Mexican restaurant in San Mateo.
Pancho Villa Taqueria – A bustling, authentic Mexican taqueria that serves generous portions with only the freshest ingredients is what you'll encounter at Pancho Villa Taqueria. Pacho Villa also comes with super low prices, making this Mexican restaurant a steal when it comes to value. One of the best values in all San Mateo restaurants.

Indian Restaurants in San Mateo
Bombay Garden – Taking lessons from the “Grand Moguls” of India' ancient Mughal Empure where every meal was a gourmet feast, Bombay Garden creates food and an atmosphere that places it among the best of San Mateo restaurants. Using spices and foods rich in both flavor and nutritional value, Bombay Garden feels that good wholesome food and good health are closely linked. For a gem of an Indian restaurant in San Mateo, look no further than Bombay Garden.
Clay Oven – The Clay Oven is a traditional Indian restaurant in San Mateo specializing in making you feel right at home while eating some of the finest Indian cuisine in the Bay Area. Here you'll find the freshest, most delicious chicken tikka masala, garlic naan, and lamb biryani along with many other Indian favorites. A must try for the Indian food lover in San Mateo.
Annapoorna – Annapoorna brings an authentic taste of South India straight into its customers' mouthes. Each dish is made with a touch of creativity and gastronomic perfection. With great, authentic Indian food that will keep you coming back and a culturally rich Indian atmosphere, Annapoorna is one of the best San Mateo restaurants around.

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