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Last year, Proctor and Gamble spent $7.9 billion dollars in advertising and packaging of their products. Why would they spend close to half of their entire 2007 expenditures in advertising and packaging? The answer is simple: They must know something about the importance of visuals in the retail business. They know that a slight change in color, size, or shape of their products packaging could affect their sales by millions of dollars.

Today, the large majority of independent restaurateurs spend well over half a million dollars a year in food supplies and labor to painstakingly prepare the dishes that appear on their menu. But surprisingly, very little thought is put into the presentation of their menu. Your HouseMenu is like a silent sales person inside your restaurant. If it's not designed to present your products properly, your customers will:

  1. consistently order lower priced items - which decreases your check average,
  2. be confused and take a long time to order - which lowers your turnover rate
  3. be frustrated - which means they will be less likely to return

Some of the common mistakes that I constantly run into include:

  • hard to handle menus
  • hard to read fonts
  • small prints
  • amateur photos
  • photos that look nothing like the actual dish
  • signature dishes placed on the wrong spot
  • wrong colors
  • too many pages
  • and way too many items per page

Over the last fifteen years, through thousands of trials and tribulations, my design team and I have developed menu engineering techniques that will:

  1. Boost your image
  2. Maximize legibility
  3. Optimize profitability

The ultimate goal is to improve your bottom line by delivering a finely tuned marketing tool that goes to work for you every single day.

So if you want to retain your customers and turn your HouseMenu into your most successful marketing campaign, contact us today to sign up for a 20-minute consultation on your current HouseMenu (worth $80) FREE OF CHARGE. This offer is limited to the first 100 applicants only and will expire after that.

Apply for Free Constulation.

Robert Hedayat
Marketing Consultant, MBA
MenuClub, Inc.

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We offer six major types of HouseMenus:

  1. Executive - Steakhouse, Fine Dining
  2. Elegant - Light, Practical, 100% Custom Designed
  3. Casual - Diner/Family Style, Most Affordable
  4. Modern - Scratch resistant, Highly Durable, Most Popular
  5. WireBound - Extensive Menus, Highly Durable
  6. Booklet - Cocktails, Appetizers, Desserts

We charge $95 per hour for menu design, menu engineering, and menu consultation. Please call (888) 636-8252 to speak with a product specialist for a price quote.

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