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The PocketMenu is a pocket-sized folded brochure that combines your business card, pictures of your restaurant, your entire menu, and a detailed map of your location all into a professional piece that can easily be carried around by your customers. The secret is its size. Since all of your restaurant's vital information as well as your entire menu is included in this pocket-sized piece ... Your customers are 9 times more likely to utilize your PocketMenus® than any other printed piece - more than your business cards and magnets! That's why utilizing PocketMenus will increase your repeat business by at least 20%. Click here to read a few of our customers testimonials.

How to Increase Sales With PocketMenus?

Here are six simple ways of using PocketMenus to dramatically increase your repeat business:

  1. Display your PocketMenus® in the restaurant. The most popular locations are on the host counter, on the bar counter, around the waiting area, and in the bathroom. Because of their unique size and shape, your customers will grab your PocketMenu®. But even if they don't, by displaying your PocketMenus® in an upright position throughout your restaurant, you're exposing your own brand name in front of thousands of people.
  2. Insert a PocketMenu® in every check presenter. This is a great place to offer your PocketMenus® to your customers. Statistics show that 1 out 4 customers end up picking up the PocketMenu® that's placed in their check presenter.
  3. Include a PocketMenu with every gift certificate. This will allow the gift certificate holder to know exactly where you're located, what kind of food you offer, and how much food this certificate can purchase!
  4. Drop a PocketMenu in every takeout bag. This almost guarantees repeat takeout business!
  5. Distribute your PocketMenus to nearby hotels and motels. I promise you, their staff would love to keep your PocketMenus in their drawer to pass them out to their guests.
  6. Pass them out during your catering events. You have a captive audience, why not take advantage of it?

What do You Get with Your First PocketMenu Order?

Obviously, you're reading this website because you're not currently using my PocketMenus®, which is VERY puzzling to me. Thousands of restaurant operators have purchased my PocketMenu product and have experienced results within a very short amount of time. Just read a few of their testimonials and find out for yourself how incredibly effective this product is.

Let's just go over what you'll get when you place your first PocketMenu order:

  1. Free Design & Layout. With over 15 years of experience working with 13,743 restaurants, my top shelf design team of specialists delivers nothing shy of an amazing layout that will make your customers take immediate notice of your restaurant.
  2. Unlimited Menu Updates at NO CHARGE. From now on, whether you're changing your menu prices, your menu items, your logo, your cover picture, or your entire map, you'll never ever pay for updates! So when you're ready to reorder your PocketMenu, you only pay for printing. You won't pay a dime for price or item changes.
  3. No Shipping Charges. Your PocketMenus will be shipped UPS ground to any destination within the continental U.S. at no charge to you.
  4. A PocketMenu® Display. Receive a clear acrylic single-pocket PocketMenu® display on me! You may order additional displays: single-pocket displays are $5 each, 2-pocket displays are $10 each, and 4-pocket displays are $22 each. Click here to see picture.
  5. Priority Listing on Your restaurant listing will be given priority over all the other free listings. You also get a picture thumbnail and a full description with your restaurant.
  6. Menu Listing on Your restaurant menu will be posted and will be updated on a regular basis at no charge.
  7. Feedback. You will regularly receive valuable feedback from your customers about their experience.
  8. Gift Certificates. You have access to tools to sell your restaurant gift certificate online.
  9. Specials and Deals. You can easily post your specials of the day, and offer deals online on

So if you want to leap-frog ahead of your competition, and make huge gains in your business using this proven marketing tool, then place your order now.

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Volume Price Unit Price
1,000 $199 20¢
2,500 $275 11¢
5,000 $375 7.5¢
7,500 $545 7.3¢
10,000 $645 6.5¢
15,000 $945 6.3¢
20,000 $1,195 6.0¢
25,000 $1,425 5.7¢

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