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MenuClub Antispam Policy

MenuClub has a no tolerance spam policy. MenuClub customer support actively monitors large import lists and emails going to a large number of contacts. Any customer found to be using our applications for spam will be immediately cut-off from use of the product. If you know of or suspect any violators, please notify us immediately at


What is Spam?

Spam is unsolicited email also known as UCE (Unsolicited Commercial Email). By sending email to only to those who have requested to receive it, you are following accepted permission-based email guidelines.

What constitutes a Preexisting business relationship?

The recipient of your email has made a purchase, requested information, responded to a questionnaire or a survey, or had offline contact with you.

What constitutes consent?

The recipient of your email has been clearly and fully notified of the collection and use of his email address and has consented prior to such collection and use. This is often called informed consent.

Compliance Rules for Sending Emails

All MenuClub customers must follow the rules of the federal CAN-SPAM act and MenuClub’s Anti-Spam policy when sending Email through the service. Accordingly, we require the following of Email messages sent through the applications:

1. All Emails must contain a one-click unsubscribe link as provided by the MenuClub service. MenuClub scans every email for the existence of an unsubscribe link. If an unsubscribe link is not detected, the user is informed and is required to include an unsubscribe link before continuing.

2. All emails must contain non-internet contact information of the sender, such as your company's address, or your company's phone number.

These guidelines will help ensure that MenuClub maintains its reputation and white-listing status with a number of major ISPs and whitelisting programs. If at any time your campaign is flagged as SPAM by a recipient, MenuClub reserves the right to cancel your account without notice. 

Email and Permission Practices

1. Every email message sent in connection with the Services must contain an "unsubscribe" link or other mechanism that allows subscribers to remove themselves from your mailing list. Each such link must remain operational for a period of thirty (30) days after the date on which you send the message, and must be in form and substance satisfactory to MenuClub. You acknowledge and agree that you will not remove, disable or attempt to remove or disable either link.

2. You agree to import, access or otherwise use only permission-based lists (note: please contact if you have questions).

3. You cannot mail to distribution lists, newsgroups, or spam email addresses.

4. You are responsible for monitoring, correcting, processing unsubscribe requests within 10 days, and updating the email addresses to which messages are sent through your MenuClub account.

5. Emails that you send through the Service may generate abuse complaints from recipients. You are responsible for ensuring that your email campaigns do not generate a number of abuse complaints in excess of industry norms. MenuClub, in its sole discretion, shall determine whether your level of abuse complaints is within industry norms, and its determination shall be final, binding and conclusive for all purposes under this Agreement.

6. MenuClub, at its own discretion, may immediately disable your access without refund to the Services if MenuClub believes in its sole discretion that you have violated any of the email and permission practices listed above, or the MenuClub Anti-Spam Policy.

Questions about the Terms of Service should be sent to

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