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Email Marketing

Like the vast majority of restaurant operators, the pandemic has affected your revenues negatively and now that things are beginning to go back to normal, you probably need to find ways to boost your revenues quickly in order to sustain your business and survive Covid. One of the most cost-effective ways to grow your business is email marketing. In fact, if you’re not set up with some type of email marketing, you should invest in one right away. Here is why:

  • More than 90% of adults in the US use email.

  • The average email open rate in the US is 19%.

  • 59% of consumers say that email marketing influence their purchasing decision.

  • Return on investment of email marketing is more than 4 times higher than other marketing formats including social media, direct mail, and paid search.

  • Every dollar you spend on email marketing brings you $38 in return.

All the advertising in the world can’t save you if you can’t convert your first-time customers into loyal customers. Email marketing is hands down the most cost-effective way to convert every visit into potential repeat business. That’s why the vast majority of restaurants who have successfully survived the pandemic are utilizing some form of an email marketing program. They know it works.

The MenuClub team has created and perfected techniques that convert your first-time visitors into loyal customers. We have the ability to convert every visit to your restaurant, to your website, and to your Facebook page into a potential long-lasting relationship. We don’t miss a single opportunity to build customer loyalty. The main purpose of implementing our email marketing program is to deliver the following two things:

1- To reveal who your customers are through collecting their emails and closely monitoring their buying habits. 

2- To boost your sales by engaging your customers and offering them reasons to come back to your restaurant multiple times. 

We can accomplish both of those goals using our state-of-the-art email marketing system and time-tested techniques that have worked for many other restaurants. The good news is once you sign up with our email marketing service, you don’t have to lift a finger. We do all the work for you:

  • We collect your customers’ email whether they dine at your restaurant, visit your website, or follow your social media posts. 

  • We import all of your emails from other platforms, verify them and combine them in our database. 

  • We keep your customers constantly engaged through segmented email marketing. 

  • We create customer loyalty through drip email campaigns. 

  • We custom design each and every campaign based on your specific needs.

  • We launch each and every email campaign on your behalf. 

  • We closely monitor redemption rates for every campaign and give you a report

Grow Your Return Business with Email Marketing

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