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Over the years, laminated menus have gotten a bad rap. There are major reasons why most full-service restaurants avoid using laminated menus like the plague:

  1. They scratch easily, showing every scuffing mark that was ever made during its lifetime.

  2. In order to make the menu water resistant, laminated menus typically have a thick border around the menu that seals it tight. This border usually gets bent or dog-eared very quickly, making the menu look beat up and aged.

  3. Laminated menus don't fold very well. Single-fold or double-fold laminated menus become problematic on their fold lines. If they're creased along the fold lines, they want to remain flat and resist being folded, and if they're creased and then force-folded with heat, they want to remain folded and resist being flat. 

  4. The only way to laminate multiple-page menus is using wire binding in order to hold the pages together. Wire-binding is not a good idea for menus for two main reasons: first, they are extremely inconvenient since they get tangled up easily to one another, and second, they get easily damaged and don't last very long. 


Our ModernMenus are highly popular in the restaurant industry because we've addressed all the issues that typical laminated menus have:

  1. We use a high quality laminating film that is highly scratch-resistant. The secret is its texture. If you look at the film under a microscope, you'll see tiny spikes on the surface of the film, protecting the film from being scratched or scuffed.

  2. To avoid being dog-eared, all of our ModernMenus are flush-cut instead of being edge-sealed. Since flush-cut edges leave the menu exposed to moisture, in order to ensure our menus remain water-resistant, we print all of our ModernMenus on synthetic card stock instead of regular card stock before we laminate them.

  3. In order to solve the folding issues, we use EZ-Fold which is a technique exclusively used by MenuClub, Inc., that ensures maximum flexibility on fold lines with minimum wear and tear. The EZ-Fold is an innovative technology which allows the printing substrate to easily bend by creating a small gap on fold lines, thus allowing ModernMenus to fold and unfold easily without any effort. 



Sizes: Half-page size (6" x 10"), Letter size (8.5" x 11"), Legal size (8.5" x 14"), Tabloid size (10" x 16")


Material: Synthetic card stock (proprietary material) laminated with a textured matte film (proprietary material)


Ink: full color on both sides



Prices depend on size and quantity.

Design charges are $90/hour

Updating charges are $60/hour

Various sizes for laminated house menus
Wireframe of single sheet house menu
Wireframe of bifold house menu
Wireframe of trifold house menu
Wireframe of sewn house menu

Our online store is being updated. 

To order products, please call 1-888-636-8252.

Thanks for your patience.

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