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MenuClub Pricing

Depending on what type of services you need, the MenuClub team is here to help. Since most of our customers are small restaurant operators, we've structured our services in such a way that you can pick and choose whatever services you  need help with. Many of our customers have first signed up with us to take advantage of our menu design and menu printing services, but then they quickly upgraded to using our digital solutions as well. For instance, if they update their menu, they know the MenuClub team will be there to do all the work for them. Once the menu changes have been submitted to MenuClub, they know that the MenuClub team updates their hard copy menu, updates their website menu, updates their online ordering menu, and then sends an email campaign to all their customers. 


Although the vast majority of our members print their menus with us, we do not require our premium members to purchase our printed products. You may utilize our menu design and menu engineering service but choose to print your menus at a local print shop if you wish. Our goal is to offer your team the convenience and affordability of updating your menu when you need to. To update your menu, you submit your menu changes to us through our proofing system, we update your menu, spell-check it, proofread it, and then we email you the final version of your menu in PDF format. It's that simple!


The following price list is a summary of the main services that we provide to our restaurant clients:

Menu Design & Menu Engineering 

  • We properly format your menu to boost legibility.

  • We engineer your menu to maximize profits.

  • We spell-check your menu using 2 international food dictionaries.

  • We color correct and edit all food shots.

  • We email you a PDF version of the menu.

$90/hr for design

$60/hr for updating

Web Development
+ Online Ordering

$249 setup fee + $199 per month

                                + $99 per month

  • We create a custom mobile-friendly, user-friendly search-engine-optimized website.

  • We host your site on a secure server with SSL certificate.

  • We offer unlimited page additions, subtractions, and edits to your site.

  • We post, update, proofread, and engineer your website menu to maximize your profit.

  • We provide a fully automated web accessibility solution for your site to make sure it’s ADA & WCAG compliant. This will protect your site against potential discrimination lawsuits.

  • With an extra $99/month, we offer commission-free online ordering service for pickup and delivery which includes posting and updating your online ordering menu and back it up with live phone technical support 7 days a week.

  • With an extra $199/month, we offer search engine optimization service to bring up your website on organic searches and, ultimately, land customers in your seats.

Email Marketing

$249 setup fee + $299 per month

  • We actively collect your customers’ emails.

  • We manage your customer database. 

  • We create the contents of every email campaign.

  • We send each and every email campaign for you.

  • We implement techniques that convert your first-time visitors into loyal customers.

  • We create multiple custom digital coupons to incorporate in the email campaigns.

  • We create multiple custom digital flyers to post on website and social media.

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