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The MenuCard is a card slightly larger than a business card that combines pictures of your restaurant, your phone number, your address, and a QR code linked to your online menu all into a professional piece that can easily be carried around by your customers. They are convenient to use, they increase your repeat business, they increase your takeout business, and they never get outdated. There is an initial one-time setup fee and future updates are free. 

Design charge is one-time $95

Updates are free



Size: 2.5" x 4"


Paper: 16 pt. gloss cardstock with matte finish


Ink: Full color on both sides



$125 for 1,000
$175 for 2,500
$295 for 5,000
$355 for 7,500
$395 for 10,000

Our online store is being updated. 

To order products, please call 1-888-636-8252.

Thanks for your patience.

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