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Disposable Menu

The perfect solution to prevent the further spread of COVID-19 virus, the disposable menu is a single-sheet menu printed with black ink—affordable enough to be tossed out after each use. There is an initial design design charge per menu and all future updates are free. 

Design charge is one-time $195

Menu updating charge is $65/hr.



Size: 11" x 17"


Paper: 70# smooth text


Ink: Black ink on both sides



$119 for 250

$169 for 500

$249 for 1,000

$324 for 1,500

$379 for 2,000

$439 for 2,500

$599 for 4,000

$679 for 5,000

Our online store is being updated. 

To order products, please call 1-888-636-8252.

Thanks for your patience.

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