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Web Development

The MenuClub team has been developing websites exclusively for restaurants since 2000. Our websites are not only designed to be professional and pleasing to the eye, they are easy to use and highly functional. Unlike other website development companies, the MenuClub team has a hands-on approach meaning we pretty much do everything for you from development to updating, to maintenance to online ordering to email marketing. Designed specifically for the typical busy restaurant operator who has barely enough time to run the day-to-day operations, our website development solution turns digital marketing into a breeze.

Here is what you get when you sign up as a Silver and Gold Member:

Computers and mobile devices icon

We create a mobile-friendly, user-friendly, search-engine-optimized website that is custom-designed to match your restaurant look and feel.

Editing pencil icon

We post, update, proofread, edit, and engineer your website menu to maximize your profit.

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We host your site on a secure server with SSL certificate.

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We provide online ordering service for pickup and delivery and post and update your update menu for online ordering and back it up with technical support by phone 7 days a week.

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We will make unlimited page additions, subtractions, or edits to your site at your request.

Website with handicap symbol icon

We provide a fully automated web accessibility solution for your site to make sure it’s ADA and WCAG compliant. This will protect your site against potential discrimination lawsuits.

Here is a few examples of websites that we've developed for our member clients:

Screenshot of Dutchman's website

Dutchman's Seafood House

Screenshot of Mistura website

Mistura Peruvian

Screenshot of Mama's Meatball website

Mama's Meatball


Marv's Pizza

Here are a few testimonials from our member clients:

I would have to say the level of support from the MenuClub team is what truly sets them apart from other website managers as they are prompt and can fix any issues with ease and most of the time a timely personal call back from a real person! During these times of uncertainty I really appreciate that they truly care about the success of my business.


I would wholeheartedly recommend The MenuClub team of professionals to make your business stand out and be successful. They are  like having a personal business consultant that is prompt, caring and easy to deal with. Trust me let them take your operation to the next level.  


Paul Van Beurden, 

Owner for 35 years,

Dutchman's Seafood House

The MenuClub team has been taking care of my website for over 16 years. I signed up with them because they specialize in designing websites for restaurants. They are extremely knowledgeable in web design, search engine optimization, and email marketing.


There are many Italian restaurants in my city but thanks to the MenuClub team my restaurant has always been on the first page of Google. They’ve also been very effective with my email marketing. Honestly I wouldn’t have survived the pandemic if it wasn’t for the consistent efforts of the MenuClub team. I can’t say enough about them. They know their stuff, and they deliver. 


Nico Allegretta,


Mama's Meatball

I’ve been in the restaurant business for over 40 years but I’ve never worked with a team of people that are as knowledgeable and enthusiastic as the MenuClub team. From the first day that I signed up with them they’ve been extremely helpful and accommodating. They truly care about your business and want to do everything they can to help you beat the competition. I am just happy they’re on my side!




Sammy's Stackhouse

I’ve been doing business with MenuClub for over a decade. I’ve always been happy with the work the MenuClub team has done for me. They’ve done a fantastic job with my website. My website is not only visibly attractive, it’s easy to navigate and is ADA compliant. 


If I have any concerns or questions about my website the team immediately takes the time to listen to my issue and fixes it right away. If I want anything changed or updated, they get it done IMMEDIATELY


The MenuClub team has been able to put my restaurant at the top of all search engines which has made a huge difference in my business. I am amazed at how fast they were able to do it! 


The fact that MenuClub is sending and monitoring my email marketing has been such a great advertising tool. They’ve done an amazing job for me. I would highly recommend MenuClub to any business owner looking to have their website designed and maintained. They’re priced reasonably and they’re great to work with. 


Cyndy Jones,


Quarterdeck Seafood Restaurant

We are very happy with the look and feel of our new website. Our customers…have complimented on how convenient and well structured it is. We are very happy with the level of support that the MenuClub team has provided, they always give an almost immediate response when questions arise.


MenuClub has also done a great job at helping to keep our customers informed of any changes during Covid-19, which has been extremely important to us. We are very happy with our online ordering service and the customer support that the MenuClub team provides 7 days a week. 


We would say our ranking has jumped to the top on google searches, we believe it’s a factor that is helping us to continue to thrive during these challenging times. 

Brendan Syracuse,


Marv's Pizza

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