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Gold members also enjoy a brand new secure website that is SEO friendly with unlimited postings, unlimited page updates, unlimited website menu updates, email marketing, birthday club, online ordering for pickup and delivery. Of course we do all the work for you which means you don't have to do much. You just email us what you want changed, and what you want posted on your site, and we'll make it happen within in 48 hours or less. We offer customer support by phone 5 days a week, and on weekends in case of emergency. We even create email campaigns and send them to your customers once a month just so you stay in touch with them regularly. Any time you have menu updates, just email them to us and we'll  update your website menu, your online ordering menu and all of your printed menus so there is never an inconsistency among your menus. 

Gold Members can order any of our menu products (PocketMenu, Disposable Menu, MailerMenu, Laminated Menu, Menu inserts) and pay nothing for design and all future updates. Although the vast majority of our members print their menus with us, we do not require our premium members to purchase our printed products. You may utilize our menu design and menu engineering service but choose to print your menus at a local print shop if you wish. Our goal is to offer your team the convenience of updating your menu when you need to affordably. To update your menu, you submit your menu changes to us through our proofing system, we update your menu, spell-check it, proofread it, and then we email you the final version of your menu in PDF format. It's that simple! 

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