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Your menu is, by far,
the most powerful marketing tool
inside your restaurant.

MenuClub: The Menu Printing Experts

Welcome to MenuClub, the nation’s leading restaurant menu design and printing company. We offer Menu Design, Menu Engineering, Menu Editing, and Menu Printing. Within the last 26 years, we’ve had the opportunity to design and print menus for thousands of restaurants throughout the United States. Whether you own a small family-owned restaurant or oversee a multi-unit operation, we’re fully capable of delivering menu products that bring measurable results.

7 interlocking gears representing facets of successful menus: photography, menu design, menu engineering, consulting, menu editing, menu printing, restaurant profit

Transform Your Menu into a Sales Machine

At MenuClub, we believe a menu consists of many interrelated parts that, when tuned properly, will be transformed into a powerful sales machine that works flawlessly. To us, a menu represents a series of connected gears with each gear representing an important piece of the overall system. You have a gear for photography, a gear for design, a gear for menu engineering, a gear for editing, and lastly a gear for printing. The ideal menu is when all the gears work together perfectly, maximizing sales and profit margins consistently. You can only imagine how many ways the machine can be broken if one or several of the gears are missing or misaligned. 

What is Menu Engineering?

The term “menu engineering” refers to techniques that make a restaurant menu function at its highest performance level. A well-engineered menu can yield much higher profit margins and boost your guest’s check average by as much as 37%! It’s like tuning up an old, clunky car engine into a well-calibrated one that not only runs smoother and faster, but yields a much higher gas mileage. At MenuClub, we use 9 different psychological factors that, when collectively applied, turn your menu into a powerful sales machine. 

Why use a menu design expert?

As a restaurant owner or manager, your expertise lies in the business of operating a restaurant, which is no small feat! You know how to run your business, and to stay ahead of your competition, from time to time, you’ll seek the advice of an expert whether it’s in the field of operations, accounting, finances, or marketing. But when it comes to menu design, most restaurant operators immediately download a menu template or seek out the nearest printshop, who probably has little or no experience in menu printing, menu design, or menu engineering. Why not take advantage of the skills and expertise of an experienced menu designer? 

Research has shown that, on the average, a restaurant visitor only spends 109 seconds on a menu before ordering food. So if you only have less than 2 minutes to make an impression on your guests, you really need an expert to nail your menu design, otherwise you miss the opportunity to stand out from the crowd and be memorable. 

What’s on the menu is very important, but what makes a menu superior is its presentation. The truth of the matter is it’s very difficult coming up with original ideas and menu designs that work. But when it works, it works well! Have you ever been to a restaurant and noticed they have a menu that you really like but you can’t figure out what it is about that menu that works so well? A professional menu design can enhance your guests’ taste expectations, can affect perception of value, and can directly impact what they order and how much they order. Done right, it will not only boost sales and profit, it also improves word of mouth and helps your return business over time.

Dining couple giving meal order to smiling server

On average, your guests spend 109 seconds on your menu before ordering food. So you only have less than 2 minutes to make an impression on your guests.

Is your menu
as well
as it should?


Have you ever had your menu reviewed by a professional menu engineer to see if there is room for improvement?

Why MenuClub?

MenuClub is a dedicated team of professionals who have devoted collectively over 43 years of their life to learning everything there is to know about menu design and menu engineering. Through hundreds of trials, they have accumulated a list of dos and don’ts that will not only make restaurant menus more appealing, but will also make them highly profitable. To achieve such level of proficiency, the MenuClub team has become experts in multiple fields: graphic design, photography, menu engineering, menu editing, and in restaurant branding and advertising. Through their keen understanding of restaurant marketing, the MenuClub team has helped hundreds of restaurant owners throughout the United States create a unique image based on their competitive advantage and core strengths, and skillfully communicated that image to their customers through their menu. The MenuClub team uses many psychological triggers that are factored into the design of a custom menu. 

Some of Our Clients

The MenuClub team has worked with hundreds of restaurants throughout the last 20 years in business. These are just a few brand names you might recognize:

Bubba Gump logo
Wolfgang Puck logo
Buca di Beppo logo
Mastro's Steakhouse logo
Caesars Palace logo
Paris Hotel Las Vegas logo
Bally's Las Vegas logo
Benihana logo
New York New York Hotel logo
PF Chang's logo
Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill logo
Sysco logo
Yogurtland logo
Elephant Bar logo
El Torito logo
Hooters logo
Bluewater Grill logo
Rainforest Cafe logo
Yardhouse logo
Outback Steakhouse logo
California Pizza Kitchen logo
Claim Jumper logo
Cohn Restaurant Group logo
Melting Pot logo
Morton's Steakhouse logo
Lawry's Carvery logo
Chart House Logo
Santa Monica Seafood logo
Maggiano's Little Italy logo
Houston's logo
Vie de France logo
Locanda del Lago logo
El Cholo logo
Scott's Restaurant logo
Bambu Coffee and Teas logo
Border Grill logo

MenuClub Products

Keep your look consistent across your menus and marketing materials. 

Brad's Restaurant menu cover

"With every item pictured, sales jumped substantially. The average sales increase was 106% for pictured menu items...The largest sales increase was for our Combo Louie Salad, which had a 344% increase in sales. "

Debra Rivera
Office Manager
Brad’s of Pismo Beach, Inc.

Ready to make your menu work for you?

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